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"Wisdom is shown in the selection of the best possible ends and the fittest means of accomplishing them." (Still in chapter 2 The Attributes of God by A.W. Pink) What are your thoughts? Can you agree even when the means look horrible in our eyes? #JewishfollowerofJesus #followerofJesus #Jewish #biblestudy #Christian #chaiway #Job35 #Luke17 #theattributesofGod #awpink #bible #truth #scripture #thegospel #leviticus19 #ephesians1 #2timothy1 #psalm104
How does this fit in with the concepts found in Job 35:7-8; Leviticus 19:2; Ephesians 1:4? #JewishfollowerofJesus #followerofJesus #Jewish #biblestudy #Christian #chaiway #Job35 #Luke17 #theattributesofGod #awpink #bible #truth #scripture #thegospel #leviticus19 #ephesians1 #2timothy1
"God did not merely decree to make man, place him upon the earth, and then leave him to his own uncontrolled guidance." Chapter 2 "The Attributes of God" by A.W. Pink. How do you reconcile this with the true statement in the previous post "God gains nothing from us." (Job 35:7-8) #JewishfollowerofJesus #followerofJesus #Jewish #biblestudy #Christian #chaiway #Job35 #Luke17 #theattributesofGod #awpink #bible #truth #scripture #thegospel #leviticus19 #ephesians1
Your thoughts? Reading A.W. Pink "The Attributes of God." This statement is from chapter 1. That single sentence brought me to a complete awestruck halt as the intensity and depth struck me. Job 35:7-8 "If you are righteous, what do you give Him? Or what does He take from your hand? Your wickedness [affects] a man like yourself, and your righteousness a son of man." #JewishfollowerofJesus #followerofJesus #Jewish #biblestudy #Christian #chaiway #Job35 #Luke17 #theattributesofGod #awpink #bible #truth #scripture #thegospel
Rosh Hashanah (Evening Sunday Sept 29 - evening Tuesday Oct 1) Yes, honey is a theme! To learn more, please click the link in the bio, visit, click celebrate and scoll down, or simply ask here! L'Shanah Tovah - For A Good Year! Shalom
Prior to 2004 I would have passed this post by because it would have not made any sense to me. Now, it is a lifegiver and changed my life, forever! Questions? Please ask! My website link is in bio. . . . . . . #chaiway #followerofJesus #Jewish #changeyourlife #Charlesspurgeon #Spurgeonquotes

What Is Truth?

truthTruth is telling it like it is; it is the way things really are, and any other viewpoint is wrong.

Something cannot be both “z” and “non z” at the same time and in the same sense.  For example, I cannot be both human, and non human at the same time and in the same sense. Perhaps my behavior could be considered non human if it was horrific, but I can never be both human and non human.

Truth is narrow or “narrow-minded.” 4+4=8 and only 8, all the time. No matter what. There is just that one right answer. Any other answer is wrong.

Truth excludes
it’s opposite. All answers other than 8 are excluded from the truth of what 4+4 equals.

Truth is immune to sincerity, belief, and desire. It does not matter how much someone sincerely believes a wrong key will fit the door. If the key is wrong, it simply will not unlock the lock to open the door.

It does not matter how much I believe I will be able to fit into a toddler’s size of a pair of jeans if I am an adult of average size and stature.

It does not matter how much I desire a bowl of broccoli to be an ice cream sundae. The broccoli will always be broccoli. 

Truth cannot always proven by science. For example, science does not prove mathematics. Science also cannot prove things that cannot be seen. For instance, you cannot see my thoughts or yours. Thoughts other than what I am thinking do in fact exist. Science also does not prove ethics. Science cannot prove that setting fire to person’s live body is evil. Hopefully we all know that is evil.

Truth is not the same as what we feel. Following your heart places a high value on your own desires and emotions. Someone may feel that they can fly. However, if they take that actual leap off of a tall building, their arms are not wings and they will most likely suffer injuries or death as they fall.

There is no such thing as my truth and your truth. Can everyone and everything be right all at the same time? Of course not. There is truth and there is non truth.

Truth matters. There are consequences for being wrong.