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Common Questions, Concerns, Confusion

Common Questions, Concerns,Confusion
I am going to list the most common questions, concerns, confusion that I have heard regarding the topics covered on this website/blog. Over time, I will link answers to each, putting the links on the questions listed at the bottom of the page. Please feel free to use the comment section at the bottom of most pages/posts. I will respond to genuine inquiries.
Concepts that I have not listed here, as I am asked them, or as they come to my mind, I will them add them on.
My thoughts do not matter in this venture. Religious/ cultural/ ethnic/familial traditions do not matter in this venture either. All that matters is nailing down what is truth.
Opinions can be swayed. Opinions are difficult to define in a clear cut way because they are subjective. If someone can be persuaded of one viewpoint, it is simple to have someone else come along and take down that argument and sway a person another way. There is however a solid rock foundation that no argument can sway.
I do not have personal stake in this. While of course I would love everyone to receive the truth, I know that is not going to happen. That is totally okay. What you do with the information has nothing to do with me. I am putting it out there because that is what I know I am to do. I am willing to discuss it because that is what I know I am to do. Beyond that, it is out of my hands.
Two starting points of truth: 1) You are a person/I am a person, therefore we are talking about us as people. 2) Each person who lives here on this earth is going to physically die at some point. I certainly hope these are two points of truth we can all agree on. They make for a wonderful starting point.
The list of questions so far, that I will gradually be posting on.
What is truth?
How do I know that God actually exists?
Are different religions worshiping the same God in different ways or are some religions worshiping different gods? If so, how do we know for sure which belief system is correct, or are they all correct in some way?
Is being Jewish something that a person is born into, becomes, needs to maintain, can lose?
Is there anything after we die here on earth? What evidence is there?
What is the purpose for your life? Is it the roles you have (wife, mother, husband, father, daughter, son, grandparent, aunt, uncle, sister, brother), your job title, the authority/influence you have over others, your accomplishments, your skills, your hobbies, your friendships, your connections?
What are, and who are, the Chosen People, historically and in the name of the Chosen People Ministry? For what reason/purpose are they called chosen?
Does any ethnic/cultural/religious group have a “go to heaven after they die” pass because tradition or their religion says they will? Who goes to heaven? Who goes to hell? How is that determined? Can we be sure of our destination before we die?
What is good? What is evil? Are there absolutes or is it subjective based on one’s cultural/religious/personal feelings or views?
Why is the oneness of God and the truine nature of God not compatible in the Jewish religion?
Why does Judaism so vehemently reject the possibility of Jesus being the awaited Messiah?
Please explain Isaiah 7:14. Virgin? Young woman?
Isaiah 53 is one of the most quoted bible proof texts that Jesus is the Messiah. What is the Jewish religion’s analysis of Isaiah 53?
The bible contains situations of incest and polygamy and it was not labeled as wrong. Is that really any different than same sex relationships, sexual promiscuity, body dysphoria, gender dysphoria?

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