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No matter how deep we go, we know that there are more and more riches to discover.

The Book of Life: The “Book of Life”, the “Book of the Living” and the “Lamb’s Book of Life” all refer to the same book. This book lists all of God’s heirs and their inheritance, eternal inheritance. The names of God’s elect were written in the “Book of Life” from the foundation of the world. Even before we were born, God’s elect were written in the Book. How can YOU ensure you are truly written in?

Other Books God Keeps: The Bible uses the simile of writing in books. That provides a visual to assist us in more fully understanding and admiring God’s standards, wisdom, and work.

The Good News/Besorah/Gospel: In the Hebrew Bible (Tanakh [Tanach], Old Testament), the word “besorah” is used, and in English is translated as, the same as “gospel”… “good news” or “tidings.”

Judaism: The religion.

Jewish Identity What does it take to be Jewish?

I AM: What does it mean when you ask God “Who are you?”

Contrasting Purpose: Our understanding compared to God’s purpose.

Spelling of THE NAME: How do you spell that?

Sacrifice: As early as Genesis 3:15 it is seen that someone must die in order to ultimately defeat sin.

The Bible: The Blueprint for Living? Operational book, or something else?

Isaiah 53: Israel? Or Messiah?





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