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No matter how deep we go, we know that there are more and more riches to discover.

The Good News/Besorah/Gospel: In the Hebrew Bible (Tanakh [Tanach], Old Testament), the word “besorah” is used, and in English is translated as, the same as “gospel”… “good news” or “tidings.”

Judaism: The religion.

Jewish Identity What does it take to be Jewish?

I AM: What does it mean when you ask God “Who are you?”

Contrasting Purpose: Our understanding compared to God’s purpose.

Spelling of THE NAME: How do you spell that?

Sacrifice: As early as Genesis 3:15 it is seen that someone must die in order to ultimately defeat sin.

The Bible: The Blueprint for Living? Operational book, or something else?

Isaiah 53: Israel? Or Messiah?

The Objections and Arguments: Common Objections our Jewish community has to the Jesus thing




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