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You Are Loved, Continued

You are loved -

This beautiful, and true statement “you are loved” brings this discussion to a very basic question. To fully understand the statement, and to fully believe the statement, history and context do matter.

Yes, we know the biology and science of conception, pregnancy, and childbirth. However in that, are we accidental byproducts of nature or were we created by a Creator?

If we evolved from another animal then we are just accidental byproducts of nature. That would mean that we were not intentionally designed which means there is no purpose for us being here. But, that is not truth. We do have value, we do have meaning, and we do have a purpose to being here on earth.

Evolution also implies survival of the fittest, not morality.  If we use social convention for morality then it is the popular opinion of the time that becomes “moral” or “immoral” and that makes nothing right, and nothing wrong. Then ultimately it does not matter how you live your life, your day to day choices are meaningless, and therefore, you are, and I am, meaningless. Again, that is not truth because deep within each of us is some sense of right or wrong, and what it means to live life well, or not.

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The Big Picture:

With love,

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