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Welcome! This blog/website is for everyone and anyone, and I am happy you are here. Chaiway.orgWelcome! This blog/website is for everyone and anyone, and I am happy you are here.

Have you ever felt like you were drifting through life, doing what you needed to be doing but without a real purpose other than getting from point a to point b only to go to sleep and wake up the next morning and do it all over again? I have.

Have you ever felt like you had a void in your life that nothing could truly fill? I have.

Have you ever tried to fill that void with “things” such as food, or shopping, or alcohol, or drugs, or relationships, or trying to fix other people, or any other compulsive behavior? I have.

Have you ever felt a vague dissatisfaction with your life, pain or regrets of the past, unease or discomfort with an unknown future? I have.

And even if you haven’t, even if you feel your life is full and purposeful, never a question or pain about any of it, here is one other point to ponder…

What gives you meaning? What provides your identity? Is it the roles you have (wife, mother, husband, father, daughter, son), your job title, the authority you have over others, your accomplishments, your skills, your hobbies, your friendships, your connections?

What would happen to you and in you if any of those were taken from you?

You can enjoy life, be successful, looked up to by others, be moral and honest, be kind and loving and generous to others, even be outwardly religious or quote prayers or scriptures, but still, even if you don’t yet see it, be missing something critical.

I used to define myself and my existence, my life, in that way; the roles I had, my job, my abilities…  And then, something changed. Radical, life-giving, eternally impacting changed! Something so important, so essential…This blog exists to help explain it.

Let us start in the most logical place, at the beginning. Please, come on in and let’s journey together!

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