Chaiway – Welcome Have you heard the good news?

Dear Friend,
Welcome! This blog/website is for everyone and anyone, and I am happy you are here.
We may or may not have met in real life, but I consider you a friend for a couple of reasons.
First, you are here.
Second, we are co-journeyers in this adventure called life. We both face amazing times and rough times, and somehow we just know that we must be made for more than simply tolerating our circumstances or going through the motions of life. We want to know how to thrive within it all, to find the purpose in it all, especially if we do not have any real opportunity to change the major things.
This brings me to my starting point, have you heard the good news? This is the news that turned my world inside out and upside down and I am filled with such excitement over it that I am bursting to share! Thus, this blog/website.
You might be thinking “what on earth am I talking about?” Well, please read on!
To set the stage, this good news did not just happen out of the blue. As with most things in life, there is a larger context to it. So what makes the news good will only really make sense within that backstory, and because of it all, everything is now different.
My life has been transformed pointing to a wonderful new future, and introducing a new period of waiting that changes expectations and purpose for living. It does not take me out of my life, or make all the stresses and struggles just go away. It does not promise everything will be all rosy and perfect, however, it is huge and it truly does change everything!
I had fun playing with words in contemplating a name for this blog/website. Ultimately the name became “Chaiway” because “Chai” חי in Hebrew means life, so “life way.” And, as “Chai” is pronounced as the English word “Hi” or “High” it becomes “Highway.”
May my words leap off the pages conveying life and clarity!
Please feel free to ask any questions you may have by writing in the comments section found at the bottom of most pages/posts. You will receive a response to genuine inquiries.

Let us start in the most logical place, at the beginning. Please, come on in!


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