Chaiway – Hello

Dear Friend,
Welcome! This blog/website is for everyone and anyone, and I am happy you are here! I call you friend because you and I are both on this journey called life. That is a fantastic starting point for any conversation we may have!

Speaking of conversation, I have a couple of interrelated questions to ask you. These are not trick questions, these are simply two wonderful ways to begin our conversation and discussion. Your view points are valid, and welcomed.

  1. Who are you?
  2. What defines who you are?

As you ponder how to answer these questions (and when these were first posed to me, I did have to pause a moment and think about how to answer that), but as you think and inwardly respond, please come on in. You have an open door for conversation. Thank you!

Please, come on in!

Welcome to the Chaiway. Please come on in!

With Love,

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