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Dear Friend,
Welcome! This blog/website is for everyone and anyone, and I am happy you are here!

As an introduction to the Chaiway, I have one question to ask you. This is not a trick question, it is simply a wonderful way to begin our conversation. Your viewpoints are valid, and welcomed.

What defines who you are?

As you ponder how to answer that (and when it was first posed to me, I did have to pause a moment and think about it), but as you think and inwardly respond, please come on in. You have an open door for conversation.

Welcome to the Chaiway. Please come on in!

In addition to this blog/website, I am excited to share that my first book was released in June 2022, and is available for purchase on Amazon, in both softcover and eBook editions.

Please consider leaving a review on Amazon after you’ve read the book. Thank you!

From the book cover description: “Look Up: A Transformational Journey is a gripping memoir of strife and liberation, turmoil and calm, and the tumultuous road in between. The author‘s compelling narrative takes us on a transformational journey originating from an incredible change of heart and focus, all within the framework of a secular, yet traditional, second-generation American, Jewish background. An only child born in Queens, New York City to Nazi Holocaust survivors, this is the true story of how one woman was pulled out of the mire onto solid ground, weaving this regenerative theme from childhood to the present.”

Look Up: A Transformational Journey

With Love,

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