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Your eternal destiny?

Let us start by emphasizing that this is not about converting to a new religion.

None of this is about a religion.

Heaven and Hell are real. Some may ask, what if they are not? My response, what if they are?

The document that states they are, the Bible, is true and that document can be proven as true. How much we have to lose by denying truth. The reality and intensity of that denial is immense.

Some may say, well only the Tanakh, the Torah, the Hebrew Bible is for me. Or only the New Testament is for me. Or neither are for me.

Please, read what makes up the complete Bible and why, AND why the Bible is true. It really does help in our understanding of everything. If you have questions or points to discuss, please always feel free to ask!

You do not earn your way into Heaven through your charitable works or by behaving well or by adhering to certain religious principles.

Your ethnicity or religious background does not grant you entrance, not even for us Jewish people, despite what some might believe.

This is for ALL people, regardless of ethnicity, culture, religious background, or anything else.

SO, what does that all mean for you? For me? For anyone? So glad you asked!

How can we understand the problem?



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