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The Bible

bible-thechaiwayblogIt seems that the Jewish people have their Bible. Protestants have theirs. Catholics have theirs. Jehovah Witnesses have theirs. Humanists have theirs. And so it goes with everyone saying that their Bible, is the Bible.

What is the difference?

The actual Bible is inspired by God and is the account of God’s action in the world and His purpose with all creation. The writing of the Bible took place over sixteen centuries and is the work of over forty human authors. It is an amazing collection of 66 books with very different styles, all containing the message God desired us to have.

One of the greatest miracles of the Bible is its unity.

The 66 books of the Bible were written over an estimated 1,500 years on three continents in three languages by about 40 different people who, in most cases, had never met. Their education and background varied greatly. Yet the 66 books maintain an amazing consistency and harmony with each other.

Why is the Bible true and not a bunch of fables?

Another astounding reality is the accuracy of scientific statements made in the Bible, even before scientists had “discovered” these things. Just a few examples: the roundness of the earth is mentioned in Isaiah 40:22, atmospheric circulation in Ecclesiastes 1:6, the hydrologic cycle in Ecclesiastes 1:7, the law of increasing entropy in Psalm 102:25-27, the importance of blood in life processes in Leviticus 17:11, gravitational field in Job 26:7.

Some interesting additional reading is this outside source “The Universe Confirms the Bible.”

There is also incredible historical accuracy found in the Bible.

Archaeology has shown the events, places, and people are consistent with history. Archaeological evidence demonstrates the historical and cultural accuracy of the Bible. Archaeological findings demonstrate that the Biblical prophets accurately predicted events hundreds of years before they occurred, something that lies beyond the capability of people. The Dead Sea Scrolls have also provided impressive evidence for both the integrity of the Hebrew Bible/Old Testament, and the authenticity of the books themselves. Archaeology has also shown events, places, and people of the New Testament are consistent with history.

The reliability and accuracy of the New Testament is often contested by critics yet the accuracy of the New Testament cannot be disputed when looked at in the realm of the other ancient writings, such as the ones by Plato, Aristotle, and Homer. The New Testament documents are better preserved and more numerous than any other ancient writings and because of this, they can be cross-checked for accuracy and are very consistent. The more I read and learned about how historical documents are authenticated, the more in awe I became.

Now we need to discuss the New Testament and Jewish people (of which, I am one)


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