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Is The New Testament, Antisemitic?

antisemitismAntisemitism is a deadly shadow that has sadly always been a part of Jewish history. Where does this hatred come from? Some, in trying to point a finger to a root cause, have claimed that the New Testament is fraught with antisemitic sentiment.

Context, context, context!

There absolutely are New Testament scriptures that appear at face value to be eschewing hatred toward or of Jews, however, there are also Hebrew Bible scriptures that do the same thing! In the light of the entire passage, and book, a deeper sentiment is being expressed, one that must be examined to glean the entire meaning.

Some discussion on the difficult New Testament passages that appear at face value to be antisemitic can be found on the page that leads into holidays and holiday celebrations

Some may dismiss the New Testament based on hearsay without having had examined the scriptures for themselves.

If you personally have any question about the New Testament’s attitude towards Jewish people, please let us discuss the specific scriptures that are of concern to you. I will gladly analyze them with you, within the context of the paragraph, book of the Bible, and Bible as a whole. You may list out the scriptures in question in the comments section below or email. Thank you!

Let us return to the exciting analysis of the big picture!The Big Picture:

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