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We Cannot Save Ourselves

we-can't-save-ourselves-chaiway.orgBefore reading the information on this page, please read or re-read the plan God set in motion that is fully contained in the Hebrew Scriptures, (Old Testament). Reading this first will put this page into it’s proper backstory and perspective. Thank you!

Next, let us look at God’s plan as it continues into the New Testament (and why the New Testament is relevant at all, for all people, Jewish people included.)

So, we cannot save ourselves but we can receive the gift of salvation. This is also called being born again, or saved.

Saved from what or to what? Please read on. 

We were born physically, our first birth, our natural birth. There is a second birth, a spiritual birth that occurs when we receive salvation. Being born again is for ALL people, regardless of ethnicity, culture, religious background, or anything else.

And yes, the name of Jesus is mentioned as we move forward, Messiah Jesus. This might be a stumbling block, or even a stopping point for some.

I implore you, please read here for more information on why Jesus.Thank you!

Jesus declared, “I tell you the truth, no one can see the kingdom of God unless he is born again.” John 3:1-21 discusses being born again.

Without obtaining salvation during one’s lifetime, upon death, one will experience everlasting, eternal punishment, torture essentially, conscious torment, separated from God. Isaiah 66:24Daniel 12:2

Let us be clear, God is there, in hell, along with being everywhere else. However in hell is where the unbeliever receives God’s wrath. The separation from God is because of the unbeliever’s rejection of God.

The theologian R.C. Sproul expresses it well in this quote “To be separated from God for eternity is no great threat to the impenitent person. The ungodly want nothing more than to be separated from God. Their problem in hell will not be separation from God, it will be the presence of God that will torment them. In hell, God will be present in the fullness of His divine wrath. He will be there to exercise His just punishment of the damned. They will know Him as an all-consuming fire.”

Why would a loving God send anyone to hell at all?

That is a common question, and one that comes from our inherent sinful nature. If we understand that God is holy and just, then we will understand that each person has a decision to make that is solely between that individual and God. This recognition also eases our grieving over where people who have passed away before us have gone if we were not sure of their beliefs or standing with God. Because no, not every single person who has died has gone on to heaven. However, an “11th hour” salvation absolutely can occur as Luke 23:39-43 illustrates.

It is between God and that one individual.

Only those two are truly present at the moment of death here on earth, and for us to speculate is self-torture and taking us away from focusing on our living right now. God sends people into others’ lives to share His story, His good news of redemption, His Gospel. The big question is, what will you do with it?

Additional scriptures regarding the necessity of receiving salvation: Luke 16:19-31, Revelation 20:11-15, Mark 9:43-48

Back to John 3. When you, from the heart, not just words from your head and mouth:

Then, you are now born again and have become heir to the greatest inheritance far beyond any other!

Let’s analyze what this inheritance actually isOur Glorious Inheritance

With love,

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